Anganom Tepo Ina’ku


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(Mother Weaves a Mat)
Bay sinulat he’ si Omarjan Jahuran, si Nannura Ladjawan, si Mina Alawani, maka si Lolita Adjari
Bay ginudlis he’ si Elmo S. Anggilan
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 2 My mother picked pandanus leaves across the river.
Pg. 4 She put all the leaves in a sack and loaded them onto her boat.
Pg. 6 Upon arriving back at the house, she removed the spines of the pandanus leaves.
Pg. 8 She bundled the leaves together, tied them up, rolled them into a ball and then put them into a pot to boil them.
Pg. 10 When they were done, she dried them in the sun on the porch.
Pg. 12 Once the pandanus leaves were dry, Mother sliced them into thin strips.
Pg. 14 After slicing them, Mother soaked the leaves again in a basin of brackish water.
Pg. 16 After one night had passed, Mother dried the leaves again in the sun on the porch.
Pg. 18 When they were dry, Mother scraped them with a bamboo stick in order to make them pale and soft.
Pg. 20 After scraping them, they were boiled again and various colored dyes were added to them.
Pg. 22 Next, they were put on the porch again to dry in the sun.
Pg. 24 Finally, Mother worked day and night to weave the different colored pandanus strips into a sleeping mat.

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