Tipara Kayu Amulawan


Tipara Kayu Amulawan
(Ironwood Goggles)
Bay sinulat he’ si Mina Alawani
Bay ginudlis he’ si Robin Ladyawan
Central Sinama

Pg. 3 My Grandpa Abun was a skilled maker of diving goggles.
Pg. 5 Other Sama people would ask him to make the diving goggles for them.
Pg. 7 He made his diving goggles out of the ironwood tree.
Pg. 9 He would slice the ironwood down to make it smaller. Then he would carve holes in it and make it into the shape of a cup.
Pg. 11 He would smooth the goggles with sand paper to polish them.
Pg. 13 Then, he would put glass from a bottle in the hole of each goggle.
Pg. 15 Next, he would put epoxy on the edges of the ironwood that formed the cup.
Pg. 17 Then, Grandpa Abun would lay the goggles in the sun so that the epoxy would dry and the glass would stick.
Pg. 19 When the goggles had dried, the slits for the nose bridge were tied together with thread.
Pg. 21 He would sell the diving goggles to other Sama people.
Pg. 23 Upon selling the diving goggles, he would buy betel nut chew.
Pg. 25 When he had leftover money, he would give it to his grandchildren.

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