Saging Pangumpan


Saging Pangumpan
(Banana Bait)
Bay sinulat he’ si Mona Turani, maka si Robin Ladyawan, maka si Eva Apalal
Bay ginudlis he’ si Dioher Lagam
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 3 There were three children left up on the boats while their fathers were spear fishing.
Pg. 5 One of them got hungry because he hadn’t brought any food. He wanted to eat his two friends’ food.
Pg. 7 But his two friends didn’t give him anything. There was nothing he could do.
Pg. 9 He said, “Let’s use one of these bananas as bait so we can catch a fish.” His friends said, “Oh, yeah!”
Pg. 11 Once the banana was in the ocean, right away the hungry boy jumped down from the opposite outrigger.
Pg. 13 And from there, he was able to eat the banana!
Pg. 15 When he got back up, he said, “You see there isn’t a banana in the ocean anymore. There must be a big fish!”
Pg. 17 His two friends said, “Yes, because the banana is no longer there in the ocean.
Pg. 19 That’s how the boy became full.
Pg. 21 When he got home, he told his mother what had happened. They had a good laugh, but she instructed him not to do the same thing again.
Pg. 23 He should always remember to bring food. And not repeat the same mistake.
Pg. 25 His friends were also told that they should share with a hungry person if they have food.

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