Po’onan Wanni


Po’onan Wanni
(The Kuwini Mango Tree)
Bay sinulat he’ si Kelong maka si Rebecca Pilas
Bay ginudlis he’ si Kacy C. Garrido
Central Sinama

English Translation

Pg. 2 There were two brothers named Manny and Samson. Manny was the elder and Samson the younger.
Pg. 4 Upon the walk to school, Samson got hungry.
Pg. 6Then Manny saw a kuwinin mango tree with ripe mangoes. Samson told him to climb it.
Pg. 8 While Manny was at the top, he was told to drop the mangoes.
Pg. 10 Manny didn’t drop any since he was still eating up top.
Pg. 12 Manny’s stomach got really big from all the mangoes he ate.
Pg. 14 Samson cried loudly because Manny didn’t give him any.
Pg. 16 Samson rolled in a tantrum because he was really hungry.
Pg. 18 All the more, Manny teased him.
Pg. 20 Then Manny came down because he was full.
Pg. 22 He said, “Samson, my stomach hurts, probably because I didn’t share any mangoes with you.”
Pg. 24 “I will go up again and get you some mangoes so you can eat.”

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