Pantalun Pagtuhun


Pantalun Pagtuhun
(Pants for Diving)
Bay sinulat he’ si Isneriya Casamero maka si Nanura Ladjawan
Bay ginudlis he’ si Elmo Anggilan
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 3 Kelong and Juni are net fishing on the ocean.
Pg. 5 They turn on their engine and speed off seawards until they arrive at the deeper ocean.
Pg. 7 While at sea Kelong takes off his clothes and puts on leggings he uses for diving.
Pg. 9 He puts on his goggles and lowers the net in a circle.
Pg. 11 Kelong dives down carrying a paddle shaped fishnet used for scooping up fish.
Pg. 13 The paddle shaped fishnet tears because there are so many fish. The fish that have been scooped up are brought up to the boat.
Pg. 15 He dives again holding his breath in order to reach deeper.
Pg. 17 He catches more fish down there and he fills his leggings.
Pg. 19 He kicks his feet swimming upwards to the boat.
Pg. 21 When he surfaces he holds on to the side of the boat out of exhaustion caused by carrying so many fish up in his leggings.
Pg. 23 He takes off the leggings and brings out the fish, putting them in an ice chest.
Pg. 25 The ice chest is filled with fish. Juni closes the lid. They turn on the engine and go home

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