(Coconut Water)
Bay Sinulat e’ si Omarjan Jahuran
Bay Ginudlis e’ si Mary Ann A. Legitimas
Central Sinama

English Translation
One day my brother and I planned to climb a coconut tree.
“Big bro, let’s go get some coconuts from the many coconut trees of our grandfather,” said Butsuy.
“Let’s go!” I replied. We went to my grandpa’s farm.
Upon arriving at the farm, Butsuy climbed a tall coconut tree.
Mid-way up the trunk of the coconut tree, Butsuy stopped climbing because of the many coconut leaves hanging down.
“Big bro, I will remove these leaves so I can continue climbing.”
“Great! If you throw down the dead leaves, I will remove the fronds and use the ribs to make a broom.”
“I can get the young leaves as well and use it to make woven panels for a roof,” said Butsuy.
Butsuy broke off the young coconut leaves and then twisted off the young coconuts.
Butsuy was able to gather lots of young coconuts. An entire bunch.
Now they had woven panels to use for roof, a broom to clean with and coconut water to drink.
Coconut water is a great drink because it can quench thirst and restore one’s energy!

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