Amokot Daing


Amokot Daing
(Net Fishing)
Bay sinulat he’ si Analisa Ambalaya maka si Lolita Adjari
Bay ginudlis he’ si Elmo Anggilan
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 3 One day, Sanawi and Albani went out to sea.
Pg. 5 They brought a trawl net, goggles and a spear gun with them in the boat.
Pg. 7 They paddled and sailed the boat.
Pg. 9 Once they were out on the water, they lowered the net.
Pg. 11 They caught scad, leatherjacket, grouper, squid, surgeon-fish, angel-fish and parrotfish.
Pg. 13 After that, they sailed home.
Pg. 15 When they arrived, they sold the fish at the market.
Pg. 17 They sold the fish in order to buy rice and cassava meal.
Pg. 19 Albani asked his wife, Analisa, to roast the cassava meal in a pan.
Pg. 21 He also asked her to prepare the unsold fish for cooking.
Pg. 23 That fish was made into a soup with lemongrass, tomatoes, onions and ginger.
Pg. 25 When it was cooked, they ate together as a family.

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