Usaha Pamandu’ he’ Ina’ku


Usaha Pamandu’ he’ Ina’ku
(The Livelihood my Mother Taught Me)
Bay sinulat he’ si Pilisa Erales maka si Lolita Adjari
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 2 One time, my mother told me to gather seafood at low tide.
Pg. 4 She sent me with water and some cassava meal cooked into a soft ball.
Pg. 6 Once I was out on the ocean, I dove down to get short-spined sea urchins, long-spined sea urchins and sea cucumber.
Pg. 8 When I was back up on my canoe, I dried myself in the sun.
Pg. 10 I cracked open the sea urchins and sliced up the sea cucumber.
Pg. 12 I ate some of what I had collected, taking a break.
Pg. 14 Then I went home to where our houseboats were moored near the shore.
Pg. 16 When I arrived at our houseboat, I loaded the remaining sea urchins into a basket.
Pg. 18 I carried them inland to the market and sold them there.
Pg. 20 The urchins I had gathered were sold to the people who lived on the land.
Pg. 22 Having made some money, I bought cassava, fish and rice.
Pg. 24 I went back home to the houseboat and rested after I had finished working.

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