Batu Atibulung Tabāk mareyom Tahik


Batu Atibulung Tabāk mareyom Tahik
(The Round Rock Found in the Ocean)
Bay sinulat he’ si John Erales
Bay ginudlis he’ si Elmo Anggilan
Central Sinama

English Translation
Pg. 3 One day, Isaw was hard at work diving, when he saw something down below that
looked like a round rock.
Pg. 5 He wondered what it was, and so he went home to ask his friend, Hammis.
Pg. 7 They went back out to sea. While they were diving, Isaw pointed to the thing that
looked like a rock.
Pg. 9 When Hammis saw it, they surfaced and he said, “This is a mine! It’s left over from a
war our elders fought long ago.”
Pg. 11 After that, they got the mine and brought it to shore on a sandbar.
Pg. 13 They were hammering it open so that they could sell it’s contents to buy food.
Pg. 15 But then, their uncle approached the sandbar from the fishing grounds.
Pg. 17 Their uncle asked them, “What’s that?” And they said, “It’s a mine.”
Pg. 19 Their uncle shouted, “That’s terrible; if that mine explodes, we’ll all die! You should
go to a soldier and tell him about it.”
Pg. 21 They were afraid the soldier would arrest them, but they followed their uncle’s
instructions. They brought a soldier to the mine.
Pg. 23 The soldier was happy that the mine hadn’t exploded.
Pg. 25 The two Sama men were also happy because instead of arresting them, the soldier
had given them a reward of money.

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