Amaleyang Kita Taguri’


Amaleyang Kita Taguri PDF (3 downloads)
(Let’s Go Fly a Kite!)
Bay sinulat e’ si Omarjan Jahuran
Bay ginudlis e’ si Elmo Anggilan
Central Sinama

Pg. 2 “Have you seen a kite called galawang?” my uncle asked.
Pg. 4 “Not yet. Only in pictures and stories” I replied.
Pg. 6 “Go, prepare and buy some japanese paper, thread and nylon thread,”
my uncle said.
Pg. 8 When all the materials were set, uncle started to make the kite.
Pg. 10 “There are many kinds of kites; depending on its size and appearance.”
Pg. 12 “There are those that are called awak-awak, ambak, lerong,
mandal or banda-banda.”
Pg. 14 “There are also those that are easy to make like the dallung,
which are just made out of plastic bags.”
Pg. 16 “It can be a lot of fun to know how to make one and to make it fly.”
Pg. 18 Our uncle said to us, “That’s why we should value the practice,
because its a legacy from our ancestors.”
Pg. 20 Making different kites and making them fly is one way of honoring them.
Pg. 22 My uncle finally finished making the big kite.
Pg. 24 He offered, “Let’s all go and make this galawang kite fly!”

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